Q. What makes Harrah Elementary stand out from other schools?


Q. How would you describe a Harrah Elementary student?


Q. What are the school hours?

A. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 8:30 AM –3:00 PM

Q. Does Harrah Elementary have a hot lunch program?


Q. Is a bus service available?


Q. Is there a uniform or dress code?

A. Harrah Elementary does not require uniforms; however, appropriate school-day dress is required.

Q. What enrichment courses does Harrah Elementary offer?


Q. What Service Learning/Community Service opportunities are available for students?

A. Harrah seeks to instill a sense of stewardship and good citizenship; therefore, service learning is a vital part of the Harrah program at all grade levels. Students learn the importance of civic engagement and responsibility as well as some of the ways that social, political, and economic factors shape community life.

Q. How do parents/guardians get involved?

A. Harrah Elementary encourages parent/guardian involvement at every grade level. Volunteers are an integral part of the success of our school, both through events and activities. From assisting with the hot lunch program, development events, participating in the classroom or library, community service, or planning parent/guardian socials, there are many ways to volunteer.

Q. How will Harrah Elementary communicate with me about my child's progress?

A. Twice a year, parents engage in parent-teacher conferences with their child’s homeroom teacher. In addition, in-depth report cards are mailed out twice a year, which detail each child’s progress based on a number of competencies, skills, characteristics, and practices. Teachers are also frequently in touch with families via email and phone calls, and parents are welcome to request appointments to discuss a child’s progress as necessary.

Q: What are Essential Standards?

A. Essential Standards are “a carefully selected subset of the total list of the grade-specific and course-specific standards within each content area that students must know and be able to do by the end of each school year in order to be prepared for the standards at the next grade level or course. The Essential standards come from the Common Core State Standards for math and reading. When grade level teams identified the Essential Standards, they used the criteria of endurance, leverage and readiness. Each year, we will audit the Essential Standards we selected to ensure they continue to be the most essential and an adequate safety net for ALL students.